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  • can you post pictures of Florida Gulf Coast University cheer? please and thank you ❤️
    - Anonymous

    You’re welcome, no problem <3

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  • Looking for any recommendations! I'm going to be a senior in HS this fall & I want to cheer for an all-girl team in college. I have a standing & running handspring but that's it :/ I can main base level 3&4 stunts and even a few level 5 stunts. I want to be on a team that cheers for football (at least) but they don't have to be competitive. Do you have any suggestions? I'm open to pretty much everything location wise.
    - Anonymous

    There are a lot of good all girl teams who cheer sideline during football season. However, you’d be hard pressed to find a college with that small of a tumbling requirement. You still have a year to go before tryouts for any colleges, so I’d suggest working on your back hand spring and tuck.

    University of New Hampshire - Their all girl squad is great, and they only require up to a bhs to tuck for tryouts, however they prefer layouts. They cheer at football and basketball games, and compete at NCA in Daytona.

    Sam Houston University - Another great all girl team. The highest tumbling they require in a running bhs to tuck series. The cheer at home football games and women’s basketball games.

    Other all girl teams:- Morehead State university
    - U of Georgia
    - Morgan state university
    - Boston university
    - Coastal Carolina university
    - Byrant university

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